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Your course design studio™

Online course design is challenging and time-consuming.

But guess what? 

You don’t have to take time and focus away from your business in order to scale it with a product line of online courses and new digital products.

You just need someone who can design for you – someone who knows how to translate your expertise, creativity and vision into a masterfully designed online course so that you can focus on your business. 


That’s why I offer…

Your Course Design Studio™

This service IS for you if:

You're a solopreneur who is feeling maxed out and caught in the time for money trap. An online course help you scale your business and increase your revenue.
Let’s face it. Solopreneurs have a lot on their plates. They are their business. And it’s easy for solo entrepreneurs to get stuck in the time for money trap. Creating a high-quality, profitable online course can help you scale your business. Once your course is created and launched, it not only helps you generate more income, it also helps you reach a wider audience. This enables you to reach more people who need and will greatly benefit from what only you can provide.
You thought creating a course would be easy, but it's turned out to be difficult and incredibly time consuming. Why not hire someone who can create your course for you?
Sadly, some folks in the online course design business will tell you that course creation is easy — that you can build a course in a weekend. That’s simply not the case. I’ve been teaching and designing courses for 20 some odd years, and I can assure you that course design is a complex process that requires a lot of knowledge, skill and technological savvy. Without specialized training, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to get hopelessly stuck in the course creation weeds. That’s why I’m there for you when you need a course design sherpa. Let me help you, so that you can continue to serve your clients and focus on your business while I design your course. It’s one of the best investments you will ever make in your business.
You'd like to launch your course in the next 6 months, and you just don't have time to create it yourself.
On average, and depending on the scope and complexity of the course, it takes about 4 – 8 months to design an online course. I’m talking about a robust, high-value online course — not simply a series of video tutorials. During the course of the design project, you will share your vision and goals for the course and serve as the subject matter expert. As your instructional designer, I create a design framework for your course, create a project management timeline for your course, develop the content for your course, integrate the technology needed to support your course and bring your course to life. I can also help you find the perfect home for your course and publish your course for you.
There are so many great reasons to hire someone to design your course for you. Here are just a few of the benefits of my done-for-you design service.
If you are serious and committed to scaling and growing your business, then you should definitely consider hiring someone to design your course for you. This will benefit you by allowing you to maintain your primary focus on the services you currently provide to your clients and on running your business. It could take you months to learn everything you’ll need to know to create an online course, not to mention the time it will take you to create, publish, and launch your course. Hiring me to create your online course is an exceptionally wise investment in your business.
You understand the value of investing in your business.
An online course is an investment in your business. It’s a growth strategy for your business so that you can overcome the limits of time-for-money service. To better serve your budget and your needs, I offer three different done-for-you course design packages:

    • Course Design Start Up Consultation

    • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

    • Course Design Blueprint
    • Course Design and Development
    • Course Site Design and Development
    • Course Uploaded to Course Site
    • Course Site Training
    • Starting at $7,000
    • Course Design Start Up Consultation

    • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

    • Course Design Blueprint
    • Course Design and Development
    • Final Review Session
    • Starting at $5,000
    • Course Review and Evaluation

    • Course Review Feedback Session

    • Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

    • Course Re-Design Blueprint
    • Course Re-Design and Development
    • Final Review Session
    • Starting at $3,500
You want to work with an experienced instructional design professional who takes your happiness and satisfaction seriously.
Your happiness and satisfaction with my done-for-you course design services is important to me. So, if you sign up for this service, and know within 30 days that it’s not for you, for any reason what so ever, I will refund 100% of your money. That is just how I work.
You are ready to start your project!
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