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This is a beginner / intermediate training series to help you create audience-engaging presentations for webinars or live online trainings.


As the founder and e-course whisperer of ChangeMaker Designs,  I am committed to helping coaches, creatives and change-making professionals turn their expertise into learning products that lead to positive change. I draw from 22 years of teaching and instructional design experience, so you can bet that I know a thing or two about what it takes to keep an audience engaged during a presentation.


If your webinars, presentations and instructional videos could use a little TLC, you are definitely in for a treat.


By the end of this four-part series, you will be able to:


  • Create the perfect invite to drive registration to your presentation.
  • Hook your audience with an attention-grabbing intro sequence
  • Structure your presentation like a story
  • Conclude with a big ASK to drive conversions and sells


Each part of the series also features some great supporting articles that you can mine for gold.


You can watch part 1 below.




Click here for the video transcript.


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Stay tuned for the remaining episodes in this series:




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