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Let’s Bring it to Life!

You Are a Force for Positive Change

As a change-making professional with a one-of-a-kind business, you offer something no one else can. You are changing lives by sharing your knowledge, skills, and expertise with an audience that needs precisely what you alone can provide.

The problem is that your reach and impact are limited because as long as you limit yourself to working on a one-to-one basis or doing live workshops.  The truth is that as much as you love your work and your clients, you are in danger of spreading yourself too thin and burning yourself out.  And when that happens, everyone loses.

You need to scale your programs, services, or offerings without losing the intimate and relational quality of your work.  

It’s time to grow and scale with online courses and virtual programming so that you can build a business  without borders or limits.  

Your Time Is Now

Maybe your project idea has been brewing for years.  Maybe you’ve put this project idea on indefinite hold because the myriad of tasks associated with developing your course or learning experience just seem too daunting.

It’s time to share your passion with the world. Together we can bring your vision to life.  

What I Can Do for You

I offer you a proven methodology for transforming your knowledge and expertise into shareable content that will give your target audience a new set of skills and a better quality of life.

Whether designing for you or working co-creatively with you, I can support you with the design and development of your online course, info product, course site, or website, so that you can connect with the people who need you.

I can also teach you how to create your own online courses, digital training products, online academies, membership sites, and other types of learning products.

Join Our Community

ChangeMaker Studio  is a teaching and learning community that offers free training, community engagement and support to new and veteran course creators.
We meet in a private FaceBook group to share our challenges, successes and best practices.


Hi, I’m Jessie Hayden,
The eCourse Whisperer


My Values & Beliefs

Learning Leads Development

I believe that learning is a conduit for inspired action.  I believe in creating learning experiences that expand awareness and transform lives. .

Learning Is A Driving Force For Positive Change

I believe that learning holds the key to creating positive change in our lives. I am committed to helping change-making professionals with the skills, resources, and processes they need to bring transformational learning experiences to life.

Teaching and Learning Are Life Long Journeys

I believe that teaching and learning experiences enrich us throughout our lives. These experiences enable us to explore our passions, change our behavior, master new skills, develop greater awareness, nurture our relationships, reframe our perspectives, enhance our spirituality, improve our physical and emotional health. And, best of all, we can engage in these experiences at any age. 


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