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5 Ways to Spice Up Your eCourse Content

Is Your Learning Content Balanced? Does your online course have just the right mix of instructional and actionable learning content? Is your course merely explaining or actually teaching? Are you immersing your students in deeply engaging learning experiences? These...

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Are You Ready to Join the Revolution?

It started innocently enough. I was simply trying to solve a problem. I was planning a course for a group of students who were all working full-time. Many of them lived 2-3 hours from the urban college campus where the course would be taught. Although these students...

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Take the Tedium Out of Your Webinars

If you’ve ever been subjected to a mandatory, mind-numbingly tedious webinar training, I want you to know that you have my sincere sympathy. I feel your pain. You would think that given the notorious reputation of webinars as info-dumping, brain-zapping experiences...

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