Learn How to Grow Your Audience with a Mini-Online Course WITHOUT Creating Anything from Scratch


  • Clear, concise “How To” instructions to transform your content.
  • “To Do” checklists to insure your success.
  • Tips on the best tools to use to create, publish, and share your course WITHOUT having to hire an expert.
  • A 2,000 word download that includes:


    Clear, Concise "How To" Instructions to guide you through the process.


    A fail-proof process to transform content into an e-course.


    Tips on the best tools to use to create, publish and share your course.


    Precise action steps to transform your content.


    "To Do" Checklists to keep you on track.


    Suggestions for other types of content that can be easily transformed into e-courses.

    Sneak Peek

    Step 1
    The first step in this process is to choose a blog post that can be easily morphed into an e- course.

    Your best bet is to choose a “List” type post or a “How to” type post because these types of posts are formatted in a sequential manner which lends itself perfectly to mini online course structure.

    Since you want the online course that you create from this blog post to function as a lead generation tool, you should choose a blog post that does two things.

    First, the blog post (or other content type) should address a critical need that your ideal customers/clients are having trouble resolving.

    Secondly, the blog post should sync perfectly with one of your signature products or services.

    Remember, you want your online course to WORK FOR YOU. In order for that to happen, the blog post you choose (and, subsequently, the course you create) has to fulfill a very important job. It has to attract and engage the potential clients/customers you need to grow your business.

    Okay, it’s time for Step 1.
    Here is you “To Do” checklist.


    • Review your “List” type or “How To” blog posts (or other written content)
    • Select a blog post that addresses a critical need shared by your ideal customers/clients AND also syncs with one of you signature service or product offerings.
    • Copy and paste the blog post content into a new document file and save it.



    2,000 Words — all designed to help you grow your audience, demonstrate your value, and leverage your knowledge and expertise without creating anything from scratch.

    Who is the author?

    Who is the author?

    Jessie Hayden, Founder & eCourse Whisperer

    Hey There! 

    I’m Jessie and a veteran, award-winning educator and online course design coach/consultant.

     I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia, and I work with coaches and creatives across the globe.

    I help these change-making professionals  transform their one:one coaching programs and live training workshops into profitable online courses and membership programs that CARE.

    If you’re a coach or creative who is ready to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact, I can get you there!

    Best,  Jessie  

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